We specialise in business/commerce:

  • press releases
  • marketing literature
  • business correspondence
  • contracts
  • advertisements

Committed to high standards Hungarian Language Solutions only accepts jobs that are within our specialisation. This way our clients can be fully confident we are able to both provide high-quality translations and meet agreed deadlines.

Your business benefits include:

  • expanded customer base – more potential sales
  • being able to spread your voice and get your message across in the Hungarian / English speaking markets
  • successful navigation around cultural differences
  • improved communication between teams belonging to different countries within the same organization.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

“As long as the world keeps changing and knowledge keeps increasing language will always need to reflect this change. That is why I think a good translator never stops learning and why I am always eager to learn more and, of course, keep up with the latest developments of the language.”

Committed to Continuing Professional Development, Renata has been regularly attending translation conferences, training sessions and translators’ get-togethers.

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